6 Jan 2015

Creations Contest Results!

Biplane Concept by Theguywhomakesbadpiggiescreations

"This biplane can carry a lot of passengers and cargo with just simply lifting of the ground after 15 seconds of building up speed ( it maybe more or less because I did not count )"

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1 Jul 2014

The Tank by thegreenmachine

First player submitted creation! Rembember you can submit yours! Send it to badpiggiescreations0@gmail.com


The Tank is fast on flat ground, but will slow down when the terrain gets bumpy. The propeller is for when the wheels don't get enough traction, and the firework is a last resort for a very steep slope.

The Tank is hard to flip over. Its somewhat flexible design allows it to fall a moderate distance without breaking, but The Tank can survive losing a wheel or two and can still drive quite nicely.

You can also modify the tank by switching the propeller for a plunger gun, or add some balloons for an aerial insertion

27 Jul 2013

Braking System Car

Feed King Pig Update

Finally here! Now the Rise and Swine is complete what mean new objects are unlockable for the sandboxes! Power-ups, Grappling Hook, Feed King Pig, and moar sandboxes! #FeedKingPig

8 May 2013

Rise And Swine Update

Rise and Swine update has come. Moar materials and video recorder...
That mean I'll post more creations soon :D
Don't forget the Creations contest 1 is still open!